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Zanza refers to a musical instrument, hence the name of the place. It holds a great advantage; it is a center of entertainment and leisure. It all starts from 11 am where you can enjoy your coffee or a refreshing cocktail right by the pool gradually working your way to the bar until 2 to 3 am.

Let’s not forget the newly renovated Zanza Club. Listen to music that will raise your spirit in an atmosphere that will keep the fun going until the morning.

It awaits you in Koroni...
... follow it’s traces...
ΖΑΝΖΑ is open:
from 11:00 till
late at night


With its exquisite view of the sea,
the Italian roof restaurant provides you
with the opportunity to savor
your favorite Italian dishes.

Zanza holds for you many astonishing happenings, beach parties
and it makes your eve in his space a very separate experience.

At Zanza you will take off with
the musical choices of DJ
(Greek and foreigner music).
ΖΑΝΖΑ GLUB, Koroni Messinias (Memi beach)
Tel.: 27250.22.661, mob.: 6946.797.313
Website: http://www.zanza.gr
www.diaskedasi.gr, ο νέος δρόμος της διασκέδασής σας